Today in the city Peoria 17.01.2019
Man Electrocuted at Abandoned Philly Power Plant

Police say a man was electrocuted while trying to steal copper wiring from an abandoned power plant in Philadelphia.

New Chinese Solar Plant Undercuts Cost Of Coal Power

A newly connected solar power plant in China has undercut the benchmark price of electricity from coal.

NFL Rules Analyst Mike Pereira: 'The Game Is Over-Officiated'

I had one of the smartest men in football, Fox rules analyst Mike Pereira, on the phone Thursday, and he said something that we all think as we watch NFL games: "The game is ...

Trader Joe's Store Loses Power, Donates 10K Pounds of Food

Severe storms caused a New Orleans area Trader Joe's store to lose power, prompting the chain to donate more than 10,000 pounds of perishable groceries to a food bank.

Blue light from power plant explosion causes confusion in New York City

New York’s major utility company is investigating an explosion at a power substation that lit up both the night sky and Twitter. The eerie blue light could be seen for miles and led to confusion and e...

NBA Power Rankings: Giannis, Bucks Return to Familiar Top Spot

The top seven spots in our NBA power rankings continue to change hands, but the addition of some recent climbers means we're now looking at an expanded upper tier of as many as nine teams...

Bright sky at night: power plant explosion turns New York City horizon blue – video

New Yorkers began posting videos on social media of their city awash in a neon blue-green light shortly after 9pm on Thursday night. A huge explosion and fire at a Queens power plant created the eerie...

Watch eerie blue light engulf NYC sky after explosion at power plant

A bright blue light illuminated the night sky over Manhattan and Queens Thursday night after a transformer exploded at a power plant. New York police reported shortly after the incident that the area...

New York City sky lights up bright blue after Queens power plant explosion

Police investigating transformer explosion at Con Edison plant in the Astoria neighbourhoodA huge explosion and fire at a New York power plant have turned the sky above parts of the city a bright blue...

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