Today in the city Peoria 24.04.2018
Power Customers Who Dispute Bills Must Still Pay a Portion

Maine power customers disputing high winter electricity bills will have to pay at least a portion of the cost.

State Approves $330M in Refunds for Georgia Power Customers

State officials say $330 million in refunds to Georgia Power customers have been approved as a result of President Donald Trump's tax overhaul.

Cosby Gets Pair of Key Rulings, but Not 'Bandwagon' Juror

Bill Cosby's lawyers have scored a pair of rulings crucial to their strategy of painting his accuser as a money-grubbing liar as jury selection in his sexual assault retrial continues for a third day.

Power Posing Is Back: Amy Cuddy Successfully Refutes Criticism

Despite the popularity of Amy Cuddy's TED talk on power posing, critics claimed that it was mere pseudoscience. Now Cuddy has published an analysis of 55 studies on power posing and gives us the late...

Peru to Maduro: You're still not welcome at Summit of Americas

LIMA (Reuters) - Peru's new foreign minister said on Tuesday that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was still not welcome to attend a regional summit in Lima next week, upholding a decision by Peru'...

Power Shift: Anything Coal And Gas Can Do, Renewables And Energy Storage Can Do Cheaper

The cost of wind energy, solar power and battery storage continue to fall rapidly and they are now so low that they are threatening the viability of traditional fossil fuel power plants all over the w...

Egypt could follow China's lead and keep the current president in power for longer than the original term limit

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al Sisi, who was re-elected without any real competition this week, may stay in power beyond his current term limits.  Sisi's allies want to change the countr...

Recount Begins in Election That Could Bring Marcos Family Back to Power

Philippine officials on Monday began recounting ballots cast in a 2016 vice-presidential election, a move that the son of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos hopes could return his family to power.

This Easter, Single-Payer Is Rising from the Grave

If progressives raise up a single-payer system in the United States, Americans will experience the same life-threatening rationing that Britons and Canadians face every day.

MLB Power Rankings: Where All 30 Teams Stand After Opening Week

The 2018 MLB season is officially underway with each team's opening series now in the books. With the first Monday morning of the season now upon us, that can only mean one thing: updated MLB pow...

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